Social Security, Medicare, & Retirement

My Position on Social Security, Medicare, & Retirement

Protecting Social Security & Medicare for Virginia Seniors

In direct conversations with Virginia seniors, Rep. Spanberger has heard tragic stories of Virginia retirees who are seeing their benefits slashed and their retirement savings and pensions further jeopardized. This trend is unacceptable, and Rep. Spanberger believes that these seniors and their families should be able to count on a secure retirement during their golden years.

Rep. Spanberger strongly believes that Social Security and Medicare are the bedrock of a dignified retirement. In Congress, she is focused on strengthening these programs and ensuring their stability for future generations of American workers. She is committed to keeping our country’s promises to working families, and she strongly opposes radical efforts to put the retirement and earned benefits of hardworking Americans at risk.

Social Security, Medicare, & Retirement Updates

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