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Supporting our Servicemembers & their Families

A former federal law enforcement officer and CIA officer, Rep. Spanberger’s career in public service has focused on protecting American families and economic interests from a wide range of domestic and foreign threats. She recognizes the tremendous sacrifice of those who serve in our military, and she believes we have a sacred obligation to honor their dedication to our country and to give them the support they deserve.

In Congress, Rep. Spanberger is committed to providing our servicemembers with the compensation, training, equipment, and benefits they need to successfully carry out their vital missions and protect their fellow citizens. She is working in the U.S. House to find additional ways to support military families as their loved ones serve abroad and as they eventually transition to civilian life — including through providing workforce opportunities.

Countering Aggression with U.S. Global Leadership and Diplomacy

Rep. Spanberger knows that the United States today faces many foreign threats from its adversaries, and she believes that a strong diplomatic presence is a core component of our national security and must not be lessened or ignored. Many Virginians she represents play a key role in this mission. Rep. Spanberger is fighting to reaffirm the importance of our country’s relationships with its key allies and security partners, including member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

As a Member of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, she will continue to voice her unwavering support for U.S. diplomats, law enforcement, intelligence officers, and civil servants who work every day at home and abroad to identify dangerous threats, prevent tragedies, and save American lives.

Standing Up to the Chinese Communist Party

Rep. Spanberger believes that the United States must counter the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) aggressive behavior, hold it accountable for human rights violations, and build strong relationships with our allies in the Asia-Pacific region. She is working with both parties to combat fentanyl trafficking from China, address foreign surveillance concerns, respond to threats posed by CCP-tied purchases of American farmland, and boost American manufacturing to compete with CCP-backed companies.

During Rep. Spanberger’s first term in office, former President Trump signed into law her bipartisan Secure 5G and Beyond Act, which builds a national strategy to protect 5G telecommunications systems in the United States from threats posed by Chinese government-backed tech firms like Huawei and ZTE. And in 2022, Rep. Spanberger voted to pass the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act — a law that will strengthen America’s semiconductor research, development, and production.

National Defense & Foreign Affairs Updates

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