My Position on Education

Supporting Public Education & Teachers
Public schools are the social and economic backbone of Virginia. Rep. Spanberger is working in Congress to give every Virginia student access to a high-quality public education, and she is opposed to any effort to privatize our public education system.

A proud recipient of an excellent public education at J.R. Tucker High School in Henrico County, Rep. Spanberger believes that dedicated teachers and increased educational resources set Virginia students on a path toward greater economic opportunities — and right now, Congress can do more to address educational disparities among underserved populations, improve career and technical education programs, and make sure teachers have secure retirements.

Tackling Skyrocketing Student Debt
As the cost of a college degree continues to rise, too many Virginians find that while they have the qualifications they need, their student debt burdens are unmanageable.

During her time in the private sector, Rep. Spanberger worked with higher education officials to improve their outreach to a diverse range of students and to lower tuition costs. In Congress, Rep. Spanberger brings this same approach, and she advocates for practical solutions to address the growing student loan debt crisis.

Rep. Spanberger is committed to working with educators, students, parents, and college and university administrators to find innovative ways to lessen student debt burdens, while also maintaining the range of educational opportunities available to Commonwealth students.

Education Updates

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