My Position on Infrastructure

Broadband Internet Infrastructure
Just like roads, bridges, and rails, high-speed internet access is essential to the day-to-day operations of schools, hospitals, law enforcement facilities, and small businesses across the Commonwealth. But in many parts of the Seventh District, thousands of rural residents still do not have the broadband internet access they need to stay competitive in a global economy, complete their homework assignments, monitor their chronic health conditions, or grow their businesses.

One of Rep. Spanberger’s top priorities in the U.S. House has been to advance legislation that recognizes these challenges and expands broadband internet infrastructure – while lowering costs – throughout underserved communities in Virginia and across rural America.

Net Neutrality
Rep. Spanberger believes that the internet should be equally accessible to all users, and she views protecting net neutrality as a fundamental issue of economic freedom and freedom of speech.

She supports legislation that would restore net neutrality and prevent high-speed access from being auctioned off to the highest bidder. By taking this important step, Rep. Spanberger wants to increase high-skill job opportunities, keep seniors and veterans connected to telehealth services, and make sure the district’s families have the reliable internet access they need to stay connected to their loved ones.

Infrastructure Updates

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