Gun Safety

My Position on Gun Safety

Pursuing Bipartisan, Commonsense Gun Violence Prevention Legislation
As a former federal law enforcement agent who carried a firearm for her job every day, Rep. Spanberger understands the training and qualification requirements needed to responsibly carry a firearm.

After too many gun-related tragedies across the United States — including in our schools and places of worship — Rep. Spanberger believes that we are long overdue for effective, bipartisan gun safety reforms in the United States. To keep families, neighborhoods, businesses, and schools safe, Rep. Spanberger supports measures that would ensure a consistent background check process is applied to all firearm purchases, allow family members and law enforcement officials to temporarily keep firearms out of the hands of those who may be an immediate danger to themselves and others, and fund nonpartisan federal research of gun-related violence and deaths by suicide.

Gun Safety Updates

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