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Virtual Town Hall Recordings

If you missed any of the virtual town halls we have held since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March, please browse the recordings below. To see a full schedule of past town hall events, please click here.

(2:22-5:25): Best practices for filing your return
(5:26-6:38): IRS filing deadline extended to May 17
(6:39-13:09): Stimulus checks
(13:11-17:08): Taxing unemployment benefits
(17:10-18:42): Amended tax returns
(18:43-22:53): Backlogged returns, delays
(23:14-24:40): Extended filing deadline
(24:42-28:33): How to get in contact with the IRS
(29:19-31:38): Backlogged 2019 returns
(31:40-34:02): Traditional non-filers
(34:03-35:44): Senior filers, those receiving Social Security or Veterans Benefits
(35:45-37:10): Benefits for traditional non-filers filing a tax return
(37:11-40:08): Child Tax Credit
(40:09-44:55): Incorrect CP59 (tax delinquency) notices
(44:56-47:23): Health Savings Accounts
(47:58-49:42): IRS forms and publications
(49:46-51:33): How to file
(51:34-52:32): How to find tax preparer help sites
(52:35-53:26): Gig workers
(53:29-54:35): Earned Income Tax Credit