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Success Stories


“My husband and I had to contact IRS regarding a tax issue that should be easy to resolve, or so we thought. After many frustrating phone calls and letters to IRS and getting nowhere, we reached to Congresswoman Spanberger's office for help. We spoke to Shawn Meredith, our knight in shining armor. He worked his way through the IRS labyrinth and got our issue with IRS resolved.  We are very grateful for the services of Congresswoman Spanberger's staff.” – Ginger Jenkins

“The Representative let me know I had VA benefits during a townhall. Her office helped me contact the right people, and my VA claim was accepted and approved within a few weeks. Abigail Spanberger is the first Representative I felt was genuine, and is hearing me.” – Jay Luster

“My husband and I accidentally let our passports expire. We had a trip planned and booked. We paid a private service to help expedite them but, it was the assistance of your employee Kristi Black who truly helped us. She was so proactive and professional, making no promises, but assuring us she would do her best to help us get our passports. She coached us through the steps. It literally came down to the day of our departure and we were still hopeful. Thanks to Kristi Black our trip was possible.” – Lisa Taylor

“I was very grateful for the care and attention I received from Abigail Spanberger's office. When I registered a problem online on her website concerning the Department of Defense regarding an annuity, I received a call back within 45 minutes. With the help of Representative Spanberger's office, I had a favorable resolution to my problem. I will always be thankful for the help I received.” – Betsy Lyon

“Excellent assistance on VA matters - extremely professional. The staff was always so dedicated to assisting me with my father’s VA benefits - Dad was a proud WWII and Korean conflict veteran and Rep. Spanberger and her staff were incredibly helpful.” – Glenn Hayden

“Your office helped me get OPM to correct my pension payment after all my attempts to work directly with OPM failed.  Believe it or not OPM was paying me too much every month and I couldn't get through to them to get them to reduce the payment to the correct amount. I knew that eventually they would catch the error and then want me to pay the excess amounts back. After I explained the situation to your staff they got OPM to address my case and the necessary correction was made promptly.” – Seth Heald

"We’ve been extremely grateful for all of the hard work that Shawn Meredith in Rep. Spanberger’s office put into helping to resolve our families problem with miss-routed Social Security payments which we never could have resolved on our own during the pandemic when none of the field offices were open. We’re very thankful and appreciate all of their tireless hard work and follow through." – The Wilkins-Banazek Families

"On 10/31/20 I applied for SSDI after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. After 3 ½ months of little to no progress by SSA, I contacted Rep. Spanberger’s office for assistance. The next day, SSA began processing my application! Six months later, the processing of my application seemed to hit another wall with no progress. So I contacted Rep. Abigail Spanberger’s office again on 7/26/21. Within 3 weeks my application was approved! I can’t thank enough the office of Rep. Abigail Spanberger to assist and expedite my application. Without their assistance, I’m sure I would still be waiting." – Brian Miller

"My husband and I received a notice from the IRS that we had not paid our 2020 taxes and were being charged interest and penalties. We knew this was wrong because we paid our taxes via online IRS portal in March 2021.

"Thanks to Shawn and the rest of Rep. Spanberger’s staff for advocating for us and resolving the IRS issue earlier than expected. We don’t owe anything and attribute this to your advocacy. What a relief!" – Teresa Reed

"The pandemic has thrown everything and everyone out of the rhythm. I had filed my taxes in early February and by mid-2021 I still did not receive any portion of my return. At the time, the IRS seemed unreachable, so I was advised to reach out to my local congress representative. I filled out my inquiry on on 6/23/2021. Fortunately, on 6/24/2021, Shawn reached back out to me on behalf of Rep Abigail Spanberger. After I fully expressed my frustration, Shawn guided me to the Taxpayer Advocate Service that he is able to contact the IRS on my behalf. During the past month and a half Shawn was able to communicate with the IRS and I received my tax refund on 8/3/2021. Without his help, I was clueless and I wish I knew that I could have reached out to Abigail's team sooner so my issue could have been resolved quicker. In all honesty, I didn't even know my local congresswoman could help me out in this situation and I was going to reach out to a local CPA, but I also didn't want to waste more money in the drain. Abigail and her team have done an amazing job for me, so I want to share my story and I'm hoping my story could inspire others." – Di Reynolds

"My husband died in March of 2020. I filed our 2019 taxes in April 2020. My return was flagged because of my husband's death. After some phone calls and back and forth with the IRS, in August of 2020, I faxed in a copy of Andy's death certificate (which had already been sent to them a few weeks after my husband's death) and was told it would take 4-6 weeks to process. The weeks went by and nothing. Phone calls to IRS were difficult because wait times were several hours long and I work full time, so staying on the phone during business hours for several hours at a time was not an easy task. In February 2021, I finally received notice that I would be receiving my refund within two weeks. I was told they would have to mail a check because they could not deposit to my bank account in a different year than my returns were filed. Weeks went by and still nothing. Eventually a friend told me I should try to reach out to my state representative. I had no clue that they could help with this type of situation. I reached out to the offices of Abigail Spanberger, sent all the information they requested and a few weeks later, they notified me that the IRS had sent my payment on 7/29. Finally!! Resolution! And the staff at Abigail Spanberger office was very easy to work with." – Kippi B. Pigsley

"Rep Spanberger’s office helped me get a long-overdue refund from the IRS." – Robert Orndorff 

"We want to thank Congresswoman Spanberger and her office for helping us resolve our complaint with the IRS. We had submitted our 2020 federal tax returns on March 12, 2021 and had not heard back regarding our refund for well over the recommended 21 days outlined on the IRS website and despite contacting the IRS directly. We contacted Rep. Spanberger’s office on June 22, 2021 about this issue and asked if there was anything they could do on our behalf. We heard back the next day and they were immediately able to advocate for us through the taxpayer advocacy service (TAS). We heard back from the IRS within weeks and received our return on July 11, 2021 in the full amount. Thank you again for working on our behalf and helping us quickly resolve this urgent issue." – Michael DiGirolamo

"My CPA files my taxes every year electronically. He submitted my 2020 tax returns on March 20, 2021. Around the 1st of April, according to the IRS website, my tax return had been received and was being processed. [I received my tax refund from the state on April 1, 2021]. 

"Around the middle of April, the IRS website reported that my return “was still being processed and that a refund date would be provided when available”. The same screen appeared from the middle of April until I contacted Rep. Abigail Spanberger on July 8, 2021. After filling out a Privacy Release Authorization and emailing it back to Spanberger’s office, I still checked the IRS website daily. On July 21, the site showed that my return had been processed and that I should receive my refund within 2 weeks I actually received the refund the next day). 

"Although it's a shame that I had to contact my representative, I'm glad that I did. My husband and I are both retiring and living on a fixed income. Getting a refund check helps tremendously during these trying times when prices have skyrocketed. I am extremely disappointed with the IRS. Not once during the April-July timeframe did I ever receive any kind of explanation for the delay." – Carol W. Hayes

"We filed our 2019 federal tax return on April 6, 2020, but realized in early June of that same year that we made a simple error in our favor. We filed an amended return on June 13, 2020. Ten months later — as of April, 2021 we had still not received a refund or any communication from the IRS. Because we were already regularly receiving communications from Representative Abigail Spanberger’s office, we read in one of the email newsletters that her team could assist us with an IRS issue. We submitted a request to her office on 4/ 1/2021 and within several weeks received a check from the IRS. We are convinced without this assistance we would still be waiting on our refund. If you want to learn more about what's happening in Virginia's 7th District, sign up for the newsletter. It was worth it to us!" – Cynthia and George Lake

"I've been waiting since March for my 2020 tax refund. I contacted Representative Spanberger’s office asking for their help. They collected my specifics and forwarded it on to the appropriate agency for assistance. I've been notified that my refund should be in my account by July 8. While I can't know for certain how much their help facilitated my refund, I know for a fact that they were on my case promptly with genuine concern for a successful outcome. Representative Spanberger and her staff clearly care about her constituents. Thank you to her and her staff for their help."  – Dale Gentz

"I ran into great difficulty with the Social Security Administration processing my name change request. I had tracking showing that they had received my original documents, but every time I called they told me that my name change was in process. This went on for close to two months when I contacted Rep. Spanberger's office. Her Grants Managers Shawn Meredith quickly responded and sent my information in to the Social Security Administration for resolution. A week later the SSA called me in for an in person appointment to get my name changed, and it was quickly taken care of. Without the help of Rep. Spanberger's team, I would likely still be getting the runaround from SSA phone agents."  – Gwen W. Virtue

"Being a Mom of a "medically complicated" daughter running into walls or closed doors, when needing assistance, is almost a daily occurrence. So when 9 months had gone by and our family had yet to receive our Federal Tax Return and I decided to contact Representative Spanberger's office, I did not honestly expect to get anything other than maybe a "robo" response. But instead within days, I received a personal email followed up by a phone call from her office. I was shocked. But it did not stop there, literally weekly updates on the status of our return from Representative Spanberger's assistant, Shawn Meredith. Even when there was really nothing to report on, I still either received weekly emails or phone calls. I truly believe that without the help of Representative Spanberger and her office, I would still be waiting on our return. With a daughter that needs expensive medicines every day - the help our family received was truly a life saver!"  – Lori Curtis Guthrie

"I would like to thank Rep. Spanberger’s office for their assistance with resolving an IRS refund problem. Prior to engaging Rep. Spanberger’s office, the IRS had been extremely slow to respond, and incorrect when they did respond. I am especially grateful for the outstanding work of Shawn Meredith who led me through the resolution process." – Jim VanDerzee

"It can be difficult to reach out for help from an elected official and receive a response, much less a resolution to a problem. But that wasn’t the case recently when I called the office of Representative Abigail Spanberger. The broken lock on my mailbox may have seemed like a small problem to many as was the cost to fix it of $20.00. But I did not break the lock. Fortunately, my representative believes in principles also. After contacting the office of Rep. Spanberger, my mailbox lock was repaired at no charge, and my mail is secure again. That’s what happens when you elect someone who will truly represent you like Abigail Spanberger. She proves by her actions that she has your back! That’s empowering!" – Deborah W. Childs

"Owning and operation a small business over this past year has been extraordinarily challenging due to the shutdown of the state and country’s economy. It was critical that my company, BIZPORT, receive a PPP loan to offset the adverse impact of the shutdowns. During the application process for my 2nd draw of PPP, my loan got put on hold by the SBA due to an issue inside of the SBA. Myself, and my bank, Atlantic Union Bank, tried for weeks to get this issue resolved. It was a fruitless effort and all we received was generic responses with no direction or information. After nearly a month of not getting the SBA to respond to us, I was in dire straits. At that point I contacted Congresswoman Spanberger’s office via email and got an immediate response from Angele Russell, Ms. Spanberger’s associate who handles Strategic Partnerships and Outreach. Ms. Spanberger’s office contacted the SBA on behalf and the loan was taken off hold and approved within 48 hours. The speed and action Ms. Spanberger took to resolve my loan issue really gave me a sense that she cares about small businesses and her constituents. I can’t thank her and her office enough for helping me and my company. Her and her team are great and caring people. We’re lucky to have them serving the 7th District." – Glenn Childress

"I want to thank my U.S. Representative, Abigail Spanberger, for assisting me with an issue that I had with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS sent my husband and I a bill but we had already paid our taxes! No one answered the phone, no one responded to numerous letters we sent, and we were unable to reach them via electronic mail either. The online form wasn’t working and we needed some help. We contacted our U.S. Representative Abigail Spanberger’s office and we were connected with a person that was able to find out what the problem was and get our issue resolved!! We never felt as if we were one citizen out of millions because the response from her office was immediate and the process was swift. I am so happy that I voted for the right person. Thank you Shawn Meredith – District Coordinator!! You were our point of contact and we sincerely appreciate you too!! Thank you so much!" – AreLisa Powell

"I contacted Representative Spanberger’s office in hopes of getting some assistance. I was not let down. Her office immediately responded to me and provided the help I requested. In October 2020, I requested an audio appointment at the Hunter McGuire Medical Center. The earliest appointment was March 2021, so after much explanation how my quality of life was being impacted and their answer was “take it or leave it,” I took it. It was when they called and cancelled the long-awaited appointment that I contacted Representative Spanberger’s office. Within a week I had a new, more acceptable appointment date. As a 100% disabled vet, this is what I felt I deserved, and Rep. Spanberger delivered. Our 7th District has the right person in office." – Calib Garland Jr.

"I was having an issue with Social Security and Medicare. The pandemic has made it difficult to deal with government agencies. We can no longer visit the SSA office and explain the issue to an SSA employee. All documents and explanations are sent through the mail. No way to discuss the issue with the person working on my request. Over a two-month period, my request was denied twice, and I was being charged a significantly higher monthly premium for Medicare. A friend suggested that I ask my congressional representative for help. Ms. Spanberger’s office opened an inquiry on my behalf. Within two weeks, SSA reviewed my submissions, reimbursed me for overcharges, and modified future monthly premiums to the correct amount. If the situation warrants, use the constituent service." – David Hancock

"We are a small corporation [that owns] Subway franchises, with two locations with two different corporation and tax IDs. We were trying to get EIDL for COVID since April 2020 but SBA, after [much] correspondence, was not responding to our dire need for a loan, and giving us different answers and not resolution. Finally, I requested help from Abigail's office. The office staff was courteous and after contacting SBA they were able to fund [our] corporation in three weeks – while SBA was prolonging it for more than six months. That financial help saved [our] businesses and their employees." – Jay Patel

"I reached out to Rep. Abigail Spanberger's office several months ago after filing my tax return and receiving no answers as to where my refund was (like so many others.) Shawn reached out to me within hours of my initial call. For months, Shawn has stayed in constant contact with me. He answered all my emails quickly after reaching out to my TA for updates, and he provided me with weekly updates. He stayed concerned and advocated for me until he received an answer about my return. When he received the date, he called to tell me and he was genuinely as excited as I was to finally have a resolution. I could not be any happier with the help, communication, and support I received from Rep. Spanberger's office. Thank you again so much from my whole family! We all know how hard things have been and to have someone fighting for you for something that doesn't benefit them at all is the best feeling." – Kristin Paixao

"After contacting Abigail Spanberger's office about an issue, I can honestly say I have never had a more responsive and helpful experience from any state or federal representative as I had with that office. In August, I contacted Representative Spanberger's office to see if they could assist in determining the case of the many-months delay in receiving our federal tax refund. I received a return phone call from a staff person that same afternoon. He asked for some additional information, and told us we would hear back within two weeks. Before two weeks were up, he called us back with the pertinent information. Apparently, our return got stuck in the 'taxpayer protection program,' set up to avoid identity theft. The staff person gave us detailed information on what we needed to do to provide our identity to release the return. We're still not clear on why the IRS never informed us of the hold in the TPP, but we were thoroughly impressed with the knowledge, professionalism, and support Representative Spanberger's office provided ... I offer a sincere, public 'thank you' to Representative Spanberger and her staff for the high level of support they provide to all of her constituents!" – Alyson Sappington

"Thank you for excellent constituent service! You cannot avoid death or taxes, but I got help from Congresswoman Spanberger's staff. My mother died on January 3, 2020. I filed her 2019 tax returns in March. Calls and emails to the IRS showed "return being processed." When I sent an email to Congresswoman Spanberger, I got a prompt return call and patient help with completing forms and sending the information needed to get a real status update. Weeks later, the refund was processed! The Congresswoman's staff called me and made sure I gave the IRS the necessary information. I appreciate the help, and knowing my Congresswoman responded when I needed attention!" – Dena Rosenkrantz 

"My frustration trying to navigate the IRS system reached a tipping point, so I reached out to Abigail Spanberger's office. Almost immediately after reaching out, Shawn from her office got in touch with me about my problem with receiving my tax return and stimulus check. He worked with me for about 2 months, finally getting me both by today. I can only imagine how much longer I would have had to wait (or possibly have been forgotten about by the government.) Thank you so much to Abigail and Shawn, you and your team are amazing!" – Katrina Aducci

"I am so grateful to Congresswoman Spanberger and her staff for their quick availability and efficiency in helping resolve my mother's tax obligation. My mother has been in respite care for five years and has been in hospice for the last six months, and her money is quickly running out. With Congresswoman Spanberger's advocacy staff, my mother received a "Case Closed" and has been removed from collection attempts by the IRS. The entire process was easy and seamless and I cannot thank them enough for resolving this situation with the Internal Revenue Service." – Lori Tracoma

"I would like, with great appreciation, to thank Abigail Spanberger and [District Coordinator] Shawn Meredith for resolving a very upsetting Social Security problem. It started with my receiving a letter from Social Security stating I was overpaid over $9,000. They planned for me to repay it by not sending me the next 3+ months checks! That was very upsetting to say the least. I called Abigail Spanberger and explained my predicament. She connected me with Shawn Meredith, to look into this matter ASAP. Shawn was able to solve the problem in a matter of days, whereas it would have taken me at least weeks with many phones calls and no successful resolution. The Social Security office admitted they had made a mistake. They actually owed me over $8,000 which they paid promptly. With the help of Shawn Meredith in Abigail Spanberger's office, my problem got resolved quickly. Thank you to Abigail Spanberger and Shawn Meredith for all their help." – Gail Schwartz

"Abigail and her team were extremely responsive with a very time sensitive issue. It was less than two hours from our request that her team was on the phone with me and less than 24 hours before there was a resolution. I am thankful for your hard work and dedication to our district. Thank you again." – Darwin Ramos 

"I really appreciated Representative Spanberger's staff handling an issue with obtaining a certificate of eligibility from the VA for a loan which was in process. My experience with both the DC and [Henrico] office was both courteous and professional." – Bill Ware

"Abigail Spanberger and her team broke through traditional bureaucracy and found a swift solution to my dispute with the Virginia Army National Guard. You can place your trust in them." – Shaliek Tarpley

"I would like to commend the staff of Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. After a frustrating 14 months waiting for federal retirement benefits to be awarded through the Office of Personnel Management, Kristi Black and Shawn Meredith, through their diligence, were able to secure these benefits in eight days. I am impressed with their commitment to my case and their persistence in resolving this matter for me." – Cindy Bradley

"We had been waiting for a refund from the government for over a year. The office of Representative Spanberger worked on our behalf and we are thrilled that they resolved our situation and we received our refund. We so appreciate their attention to our need!" – Pattie Cook

"We are extremely happy to receive our passports in such a short time, thanks to the help of Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger and her office. Special thanks to Kristi Black for going above and beyond to speed up our passports!" – Silvia Bilacchi

"Thank you to you and your staff, especially Shawn Meredith, for working expediently and efficiently to resolve our difficulties! We filed for SSI and SSDI right after Shane experienced a disabling stroke in February 2020. We encountered many difficulties in obtaining status of the applications and having them processed. COVID-19 compounded the situation. Shawn repeatedly contacted the agencies involved and kept us updated as well. We finally received a lump sum check from SSI and have confirmation that SSDI will be paid in September 2020. We are so grateful for your assistance and compassion." – Suzanne Lane, Shane Peoples 

"My son is autistic and was receiving Social Security benefits until his payments were arbitrarily stopped. The Social Security Administration also demanded repayment of 18 months' payments. Ms. Spanberger launched an investigation which resulted in his benefits retroactively being reinstated." – Brad Mena

"I came to Representative Spanberger as a last resort. To be honest, I didn't expect it to actually work. I was pleasantly surprised when Rep. Spanberger's team told me not even a week later, they got the job done." – Trinity Carl

"My youngest daughter was getting married and her brother, a Captain in the Army, was stationed across the country. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Department of Defense was enforcing a strict travel ban. With time running out for my son to obtain authorization to travel, I reached out to Congresswoman Spanberger's office. They quickly jumped into action and had my son fill out a form requesting assistance after describing his situation. The form was forwarded to the Army and within two days, my son was granted leave. While I learned a great number of things through this experience, the biggest lesson I learned is that our representatives are here to help us through these types of situations. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, please reach out to your representative and ask them to help. While they're not miracle workers, their efforts can go a long way to get people's attention who may not otherwise take notice." – James Black

"I contacted Rep. Spanberger's office as a result of issues with my Social Security/Railroad Retirement Benefit. As my husband worked for the railroad, my Social Security is paid by the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). In trying to resolve my problem, the Social Security Administration would tell me to call RRB and RRB would tell me to call the Social Security Administration. They both told me it was the other agency's error. Shawn Meredith from Rep. Spanberger's office was very diligent and arranged a conference call with both agencies and myself. As a result, my problem was resolved to my satisfaction. Mr. Meredith never fave up. It took months to get this done, and he periodically checked in with me on the progress to find resolution. I am confident that I would still be getting the "run around" if Mr. Meredith had not assisted me. I am thankful for the help and highly recommend contacting Rep. Spanberger's office if you need an issue resolved!" – Lynne Inge 

"I had trouble having the Social Security Administration (SSA) refund me the Medicare IRMAA overpayment that I made in 2019. I reached out to Congresswoman Spanberger's office to submit my case to SSA. Her office staff took action promptly and kept track of the status. The staff also kept me updated in a timely manner. SSA finally processed the request and made the refund." – Cathy Chang

"I do not even know where to begin. I am a mother of 3 who has lost her job due to the pandemic. Filed my taxes in Feb. 2020 and had no update or any info on when my refund would be sent out. I reached out to Shawn Meredith, my District Coordinator, I cannot praise this man enough! Shawn was extremely professional, always prompt on responding back to my emails and any questions I had. My case was very challenging, especially with the IRS shut due to COVID-19. My refund was at a standstill. Furthermore, Shawn inquired and found that the reason for this was my 2016 was not filed. I never knew about this but thank God for Shawn. He moved mountains and got my 2019 refund issue for me through the TA. Shawn also made sure he was always available by phone and via email.

"I would like to point out Shawn had this done within about 3 weeks of me reaching out to him. Another bonus for my children and I is I will receive my 2016 refund once the IRS reopens. My case required a lot of time and effort and Shawn put every ounce into my case. Once my refund was issued, my stimulus check also followed. NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT SHAWN! My children and I suffered severe hardship and Shawn helped me and now I am able to pay my bills and provide for my kids with the refund. Words cannot even describe how grateful I am to Shawn. He saved me during this pandemic, forever grateful to him. I have never come across such a helpful, polite, professional individual. The world needs more people like him! Thank you Shawn, God bless you always!" – Andleeb Ahmed

"I was frustrated at not receiving ANY information regarding my Federal tax refund more than six months after I had filed my return. I had tried reaching out to the IRS multiple times, but was never able to speak with a person or learn any additional information. I actually came across a Reddit discussion online where someone had mentioned reaching out to their congressional representative. I decided, 'Why not?' since nothing else I had tried had led to any real results. I called Abigail Spanberger's office and left a message with a brief description of my problem. A district coordinator from Ms. Spanberger's office called me back within 48 hours. I was then able to explain the situation in detail, and Mr. Shawn Meredith immediately began researching the problem. He also had a Tax Advocate reach out to me personally. In just over a week's time, the problem I had struggled with for 6 months had been resolved. I received my tax refund 3 weeks later. I am most appreciative to everyone who helped!" – Abbi Buchanan 

"On January 4,2020 my husband of 63 years passed away as the result of a massive stroke. I eventually contacted Social Security to inquire about receiving a share of my husband's social security check. I was told to go to the office in Culpeper, and to bring all my identification including the death certificate, I did this, waited two hours only to be told that they could not take care of it but that a check of the computer indicated that I had been scheduled for a phone interview on March 24, at 11:00. I did ask why I was not informed of this when I talked to SS but was told that I would receive a letter with all the information, no letter ever appeared. This took place in early February, On March 24 at 11:00 I was waiting by my phone. I did not receive a call. I immediately called SS only to be told that there was no one to talk to me.

"I really did not know what to do. It was then that I called Rep. Spanberger's office, spoke to a lady there and was told that someone would get back to me. After 15 years in Florida I figured that was the end for me. Imagine my surprise when not three hours later I received a call from Shawn. He listened to me and then requested that I put this into writing and mail it to him. He also requested that I not try to contact Social Security again. Three weeks later I received a phone call from Social Security. They apologized but did not have a valid reason why I had been ignored, They then interviewed me by phone and advised that I was eligible for a share of my husband's benefit. Shawn, you are my hero! I was amazed that Rep. Spanberger's office handled this so efficiently for me. I cannot emphasize enough the care that they showed." – Jane Nelson

"My wife and I filed our taxes in April 2019 and received a notice from the IRS in May 2019 that our return was under review. We patiently waited for our case to be closed but there was no progress. In January 2020, I read a newsletter from Representative Spanberger's office, that claimed they ad helped constituents with federal agencies. In February, I decided to fill out a contact form and within 48 hours, Shawn Meredith reached out to me. Mr. Meredith expressed genuine concern, and explained everything he needed, and what actions he would take. Through his work with taxpayer advocacy it was discovered that the employer submitted an incorrect W2 for my wife. After working on the issue for a few weeks, COVID-19 occurred and I assumed the progress would stall. Mr. Meredith called me to tell me there was progress and a resolution would occur by mid-April. On April 20, 2020, Shawn called to tell me we were receiving our refund and would get $198 in interest. If it was not for Representative Spanberger's office, and in particular, Shawn Meredith, our 2018 tax return of $3,861.44 would still be at the IRS. Mr. Meredith is a genuine professional who we are fortunate to have working for us! If I have a future issue, I wouldn't hesitate to call!" – Danny Fisher II

"I had an experience with the IRS and my Social Security. I exhausted all of my avenues for help. Didn't know which way to turn, so finally a friend said 'Call your representative.' I did, even though it was during the holidays. I called and they took this case and got it settled. I said if you have a problem too big for you, call the office of Rep. Spanberger. I say a big shout out to her assistant Shawn, he was a great help. They work for you." – Jacqueline Perry

"I contacted Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger's office for assistance in resolving an issue with the Social Security Administration (SSA): When I applied for my Social Security benefits several years ago, I was informed that I had to repay over $60,000 that I had collected due to a disability I had many years prior. So, for the past one and a half years I was not receiving any payments from the SSA in order to repay the monies I had collected.

"I subsequently learned that I could appeal the decision. I followed up with an appeal via Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger's office. There I met her District Manager Mr. Shawn Meredith. Mr. Meredith stuck with me as I filed my appeal and saw to it that I could repay a small portion every month and subsequently will receive nearly all of my allotment every month. He was always very professional and helpful and was able to reach SSA staff when I could not. I am very grateful he intervened in the process for me.

"Thanks again for all of the excellent assistance and caring for my survival in my later years of life." – John Lopes 

"When I went to file my taxes, I discovered that I had never received a 1099 2 form for my deceased husband for 2018. My husband MSGT (Ret.) William Donald Tomlinson Jr. had died July 19, 2018. I contacted DFAS on March 11, 2019. After being on hold for an hour and 13 minutes and telling my issue, I was told to telephone back in 7-10 days. I proceeded to phone a total of 10 times. Each time, I spoke to a different person, sometimes as many as 4 people, but never the same person. I wrote down names each time. During this time, I was told his final pay for July 2018 had not been processed, so I could not receive a 1099 2. That department would not receive phone calls. I was not alone in waiting. I had consulted my tax consultant, and - for the first time in 50 years - filed an extension.

"Finally, a friend told me I should contact my Representative, as that is why they hold the position. So I reached out to Rep. Spanberger by filling out the appropriate form on her web page. To my pleasant surprise, two days later I received a phone call from Shawn Meredith, District Coordinator. Shawn told me he would take care of the issue. True to his promise, he contacted me to say he had spoken to DFAS and given them 2 weeks to act on me receiving my husband's final check. I received the check in 10 days and the 1099 all within 3 weeks, after I had tried for 3 months.

"Shawn was always available on the phone. Shawn is amazing! I cannot thank him enough for helping me in this stressful, difficult time. He is professional and compassionate. I hope Rep. Spanberger appreciates Shawn and knows how much he is helping her constituents. Thank you, thank you Shawn." – Judith Tomlinson

"I contacted Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger's office for assistance in resolving an issue with the Social Security Administration (SSA): When I retired on disability from the Cadmus Group in 2018, SSA incorrectly deducted too much for Medicare from my Social Security benefits and I had to file several requests for reconsideration appeals to SSA to correct/increase/reimburse my 2018 Social Security benefits and SSA was not prompt or helpful in its response. The Congresswoman's office, and specifically her District Manager Shawn Meredith, were very helpful in giving me advice on what to do in dealing with SSA, contacting SSA for information, and following up with me to track the status of my case with SSA. 

"After 8 months of trying to resolve the issues involved, mostly on my own, Mr. Meredith contacted SSA himself, as my request, to determine the final status of my case for me when I could not get through to SSA staff on the phone and then relayed their decision to me. He was always very professional and helpful and was able to reach SSA staff when I could not. I was very grateful he intervened in the process for me." – Gloria Brienza

"Ms. Heidelmark and Congresswoman Spanberger - I want to express my sincere gratitude for the time and attention that was provided assisting me. I realize how busy you must be and know that it took a lot of time to process my requests. You demonstrated such a high level of support and professionalism by constantly communicating the status of my requests. Your patience and time was much appreciated and it is through your help that I have official copies of my military records and that my requests have been processed. I am grateful for all you did with assisting me. Thank you." – Janice Blair

"Since I will turn 65 in December, I went to Social Security's website and signed up for Medicare. When I received my card I noticed I had signed for Part A and Part B by mistake. I sent a letter to Medicare to refuse Part B on October 30. In the middle of November, I received a bill for $406.50 for the Part B insurance. As it was due by November 25, and I had not heard back from Medicare, I called my Congresswoman's office on November 20 and asked for help. Shawn Meredith got in touch with Medicare/Social Security, and on November 22 he forwarded their response, saying they had processed my request. I am so grateful for his help!" – Mark Fagerburg 

"I wanted to sign up for Medicare Part B when my wife lost her job recently. I already had Part A and should have qualified for a special enrollment period. Social Security was denying me because we couldn't get the proof that I was covered by my wife's group insurance from employers that have been out of business for over 10 years, and said I would have to pay an approx. 120% penalty on my monthly premiums when I signed up during general enrollment. After contacting Rep. Spanberger's office, Shawn quickly got to work on our case, and I am happy to say that I was recently approved, even retroactively for when I had originally applied. Thank you, Shawn, Rep. Spanberger, and the entire office. You saved us several thousand dollars in medical bills plus kept my premiums from being more than double. We are glad to know that our Representative's office is working for the people." – J.S.

"My mother did not receive her federal tax return check. I called and went online with the IRS to get a status. I was unsuccessful getting any answers. I contacted Representative Spanberger's office. Shawn Meredith from her office contacted me within a day. He immediately sent the forms that needed to be filled out. Within 3 weeks, my mom's tax check arrived. I am very thankful for the help of Rep. Spanberger's office." – Sandra McLeod

"On Feb. 10, 2020, I contacted Rep. Spanberger's Henrico Office to request assistance with an issue involving SSA. On Mar. 11, 2020, I received a call from Shawn Meredith, District Coordinator, letting me know their office had received SSA's decision in a letter dated Mar 10.  My benefits will be restored retroactively. Per request, steps are also being taken to avoid repeat actions. Kudos to Shawn Meredith and Angele Russell who worked tirelessly to ensure SSA was making my case a priority. Their dedication was instrumental in bringing my case to a timely conclusion. Shawn Meredith and Angele Russell are consumate professionals who truly care about their constituents." – Marguerite Sciandra