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American Rescue Plan Success Stories

My office sent out a survey asking Seventh District residents to tell us how they were impacted by the American Rescue Plan. Below are some of those stories.

"The stimulus money gave my family the funds to cover child care costs that we incurred when my children were out of school." – Stephen, Henrico

"Because we had completed our tax returns and both of us are receiving Social Security, our stimulus checks were direct deposited into my checking account. All three were deposited within five working days of the start of day they started to be delivered. Thank you for supporting these checks."  J. Harold A., Culpeper

"Stimulus money made living for this senior affordable. With grocery and drug prices through the roof it helped to buy both medicine and food." – Linda, Chesterfield

"I was able to pay off debt with my stimulus payment, which frees up more money every month in my household for other expenses." – Lori, Henrico

"My wife is disabled and receives a small Social Security check and I am retired and also am on Social Security.  The direct payment (stimulus check) helped pay for health insurance for my wife and myself.  Both of us take several medications and the money also helped pay for those." – Henry, Louisa

"It served as a bridge when my sales opportunities were limited due to COVID restrictions.  The funds were important as they prevented the use of credit cards to pay debts." – Roger, Chesterfield

"The stimulus payments helped a portion of the middle class that seldom gets a break or reward.  My checks were used to revitalize the economy." – Juanita, Henrico

"This helped us with increased costs of food, gas, repairs, vehicle purchase, insurance." – Michele, Powhatan

"PPP allowed me to keep everyone in our rural business employed through the entire pandemic.  Thank you!!" – Patti, Nottoway

"Stimulus money was a first and I was extremely grateful!" – Cynthia, Orange

"It cut my ACA premiums by almost $500 way more than half. As a 64 year old retiree, not yet eligible for Medicare, this was a huge relief! Thank you!!!" – Katherine, Chesterfield

"My husband and I were able to be vaccinated. I have asthma so it was very important to me to have the opportunity to be vaccinated. The in-person vaccine site was organized to perfection - no long lines and no confusion at the site. All the volunteers were helpful and nice! Thank you!" – Angela, Henrico

"I want to thank Rep. Abigail Spanberger for her support if the American Rescue Plan. My wife was an insurance estimator and was laid off over one year ago. When the pandemic hit we were uncertain of how we would be able to pay our bills and put food on the table. The unemployment support and the extension of those benefits helped us make it through those dark times. Without Congresswoman Spanberger's commitment to stand with and by her constituents, I don't know where my family would be today." – Robert, Spotsylvania