Spanberger Statement on Status of Bipartisan Deal to Strengthen Border Security, Provide Aid to Ukraine & Israel, Respond to Crisis in Gaza

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Representative Abigail Spanberger today released the following statement on the status of the U.S. Senate’s bipartisan national security, border security, and immigration package.

“A strong U.S. response to crises at our southern border, in Ukraine, and in the Middle East is not optional — it’s mandatory.

“As a former federal law enforcement officer and CIA case officer who worked narcotics cases and tracked cartels, I know that we cannot ignore the deteriorating humanitarian and security crisis along our southern border. Lawmakers in both parties should be working to fix our broken immigration system, reduce illegal crossings, combat fentanyl, and strengthen our border security. The American people deserve a Congress that finally works to address this challenge — rather than one exploiting chaos for the sake of politics.

“Beyond our southern border, America faces geopolitical crises that require our immediate attention. If Congress fails to deliver new aid to Ukraine, Kyiv could fall. And if Russia is victorious, a NATO ally may very well be the next target in Vladimir Putin’s crosshairs. A refusal to support the Ukrainian people would not only be a decision to appease Putin, but also a decision to forever tarnish America’s reputation and word in the community of nations. As a Member of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, I know that abandoning Ukraine would also embolden our adversaries, including Iran and the Chinese Communist Party.

“If Congress fails to deliver defensive aid to Israel in their fight against Hamas terrorists and vital aid to civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, the ramifications would be dire and further imperil Israel’s long-term security. Without this aid, the prospects of long-term peace and an eventual two-state solution would severely diminish. Tragically, more civilians — especially children — would be subjected to an endless cycle of violence and reprisal. And China, Russia, and Iran would gleefully watch from the sidelines as America abdicates its leadership role and creates a vacuum for more chaos.

“For months, Senate and House Republicans made clear that strengthening our border security was a top priority. A bipartisan group of Senators — led by a conservative Republican — engaged in months-long, good-faith negotiations. The bipartisan deal released earlier this week presented lawmakers with an opportunity to consider passing aggressive border security and immigration provisions — ones backed by the National Border Patrol Council.

“Yet, when congressional Republicans were given exactly what they requested, they walked away. Speaker Johnson refused to consider this bipartisan agreement, even before details were released — jeopardizing its path forward in the Senate.

“In the process, Speaker Johnson has made a calculated decision to sacrifice vital aid to our allies — including to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan — in exchange for nothing except the good graces of a former President who has never uttered an ill word about Vladimir Putin. For Speaker Johnson, serving the political interests of former President Donald Trump is a more pressing objective than strengthening our national security and protecting our standing in the world.

“Speaker Johnson and House Republicans have been given a bipartisan path forward to deliver military aid to Israel and humanitarian aid to civilians. Speaker Johnson instead — with no engagement from Democrats who want to see this aid delivered — put forward a bill that is not only doomed to fail, but also ignores — either naively or cynically — the value of humanitarian aid to Israel’s own security.

“America faces serious challenges that require serious leaders. While many of my colleagues continue to talk about the border crisis on television, their kneejerk response to this negotiated deal reveals many of them as unserious actors who are uninterested in real solutions.

“Those of us who seek to govern cannot give up. Those of us who care about the future of democracy in Europe, the stability of the Middle East, the security of America’s southern border, and the role of U.S. global leadership must resolutely continue to advocate for bills that are central to U.S. national security interests. I will continue to pressure Speaker Johnson — as well as my Republican colleagues — to put forth a national security supplemental that serves U.S. interests, stands up to terrorists and tyrants, and deals with the threats facing our nation and partners with the seriousness the American people deserve.”


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