ICYMI: U.S. House Approves More Than $12.2 Million Spanberger Secured for 14 Virginia Projects

The Congresswoman’s Wins for Virginia’s Seventh District Include Major Investments in the Region’s Physical Infrastructure & Water Projects, Funding for Local Sheriff’s Offices & Police Departments, & Additional Improvements

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday voted to approve funding for 14 Virginia projects that Spanberger successfully secured as part of a U.S. House-passed Fiscal Year (FY)2024 appropriations bill. The investments in these community-focused projects total more than $12.2 million for infrastructure, transportation, public safety, and accessibility needs in Virginia’s Seventh District.

Spanberger worked directly with local officials in Virginia to solicit these requests, move these projects forward, and make sure they were included in this federal funding legislation. The FY2024 appropriations package now goes to the U.S. Senate for further consideration.

“My priority as a Member of Congress is to be responsive to the needs of Virginia’s Seventh District — and to deliver solutions to address those needs. This House-passed package includes more than one dozen investments that local leaders requested through my office, worked with me to move forward, and ultimately secured in this package,” said Spanberger. “These federal dollars are responsible, direct investments to strengthen Virginia’s physical infrastructure, enhance public safety, and allow more Virginians to take advantage of all that our Commonwealth has to offer. Thank you to every local leader across the Seventh District who visualized the potential impact of these smart investments, advocated for their communities and the Virginians they serve, and worked with my team and me to get to this point. I look forward to seeing these investments make it to the President’s desk and make a real impact in our communities.”

A summary of funding for projects in Virginia’s Seventh District that passed in the U.S. House yesterday is below.


Spanberger secured $380,000 for a new critical incident vehicle for the Culpeper Police Department. This investment would allow the Town of Culpeper to secure the vehicle to provide a platform for law enforcement to safely conduct operations during critical or emergency situations within the community, while providing real-time intelligence to keep community members and visitors safe.

“The citizens of the Town of Culpeper will greatly benefit from awarding this funding to our Culpeper Police Department,” said Mayor Frank Reaves, Jr., Town of Culpeper. “This vehicle, along with the technology that will come with it, will provide our officers with the tools to ensure public safety in our great town. On behalf of the Town of Culpeper, I want to thank Representative Spanberger and her staff on working with our police department.”

“This Community Project Funding will provide the men and women of the Culpeper Police Department with a level of technology that will provide for greater efficiencies on major events within the Town of Culpeper,” said Chief Chris B. Settle, Culpeper Police Department. “Also, this funding will continue us to assist and provide support to our law enforcement partners in our region and beyond.”

Spanberger also secured $500,000 for Culpeper County to make improvements to the auditorium at the Carver Center, previously George Washington Carver Regional High School. The necessary improvements — such as additional fixed seating, lighting, stage repairs, and audio-visual improvements — would allow for the existing main school building to be fully utilized to hold educational and community events both for current users of the Carver Center and expand use of the space to all of Culpeper County.

“On behalf of the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors I would like to thank Congresswoman Spanberger for her work to obtain funding for needed community projects across her district. The Carver Center is important not only to Culpeper County, but the region. The renovation of the auditorium will create an exciting amenity that our residents can utilize and enjoy,” said Paul Bates, Chairman, Culpeper County Board of Supervisors.

“We are so appreciative of Representative Spanberger and her team. She has been a huge advocate for the Carver Center and Culpeper County. With these funds we can continue revitalizing and improving this historic community resource for all our residents to enjoy,” said David Durr, Culpeper County Board of Supervisors.

Additionally, Spanberger secured $132,777 for Culpeper County to bring Lenn Park and its surrounding areas up to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. This investment would allow the county to grade and pave the parking lots and the trail loops around the softball fields, dog park, fitness equipment, amphitheater, pollinator garden, and shelter to upgrade the spaces to current ADA standards. The paved trail network would offer connecting access to all the amenities in Lenn Park for use by community members.

“As Chairman of the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to access community funding through our congressional district. We are working hard to make Culpeper County a vibrant community where all our residents can live, work, and play. The awarded funds will improve trail accessibility and will ensure that Lenn Park can be used by residents and visitors of all abilities,” said Paul Bates, Chairman, Culpeper County Board of Supervisors.

“Lenn Park is a community resource we are all proud of. Making this park as well as others accessible for all our residents is a priority for both our Parks and Recreation Department and the Board. We are thankful that these funds can be used to further those goals,” said Susan Gugino, Culpeper County Board of Supervisors.


Spanberger secured $200,000 for the Bay Consortium Workforce Development Board to modernize the American Job Center in Fredericksburg and bring the facility up to ADA standards. This investment would allow the center — which provides employment resources to job seekers in the Fredericksburg region — to outfit the lobby, resource room, and conference room with ADA-compliant workstations and provide high-speed internet access for both job seekers and staff.

“The Bay Consortium Workforce Development Board extends our deepest appreciation to Representative Spanberger for her instrumental role in securing this federal funding,” said Jackie Davis, Executive Director, Bay Consortium Workforce Development Board. “This investment will not only enhance the accessibility and infrastructure of the American Job Center located in Fredericksburg but will also serve as a catalyst for connecting Virginians to employment opportunities. By providing equal access to employment services and resources, we are enabling individuals to reach their true potential and contribute to the economic vitality of our community.”


Spanberger secured $750,000 to make safety, security, and access improvements to Greene County Community Park. These improvements would include building an overflow parking lot, paving the main parking lot, lighting both parking lots, bringing public water to the park’s concession stand and restroom building, winterizing the concession stand and restroom building for year-round access, installing a programmable electronic gate at the entrance, and installing lighting at the playground.

“Greene County Parks and Recreation is proud to be the recipient of the Community Project Funding for improvements at the Greene County Community Park. The park serves as a place for the community to come together, its home to several of our sports leagues, and is utilized by various public, private, and civic groups throughout Greene,” said Justin L. Bullock, MA, CPRP, Director, Greene County Parks and Recreation. “Usage at the park and its services has grown exponentially in the past few years — I’m excited to continue investing in the infrastructure to support this growth. Not only will this enhance the safety, security, and overall experience as visitors utilize the park; but this support will help position parks and recreation to continue working toward phases outlined in the park master plan. Many thanks to Greene County staff and Rep. Spanberger’s office for their support to enhance the park.”

Spanberger also secured $70,000 for the Greene County Sheriff’s Office to acquire a new virtual reality training system. The new system would provide deputies the ability to experience realistic simulations that increase proficiency in de-escalation and crisis intervention skills. This investment will improve safety for law enforcement and the community while reducing use-of-force incidents.

“We are very excited to receive this Virtual Reality Training System, as it will provide realistic scenarios that the deputies encounter on a day-to-day basis,” said Sheriff Steven S. Smith, Greene County Sheriff’s Office. “Some scenarios that they rarely respond to give them training in the best and safest ways to respond to them.”


Spanberger secured $450,000 for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office to purchase new equipment to provide reliable emergency radio coverage at Madison County Public Schools. This investment would allow for the purchase of a new bi-directional amplifier system to install inside Madison County’s four public schools for use by law enforcement and first responders to improve communication between the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and the emergency dispatch center to keep students, faculty, deputies, and other first responders safe in an emergency situation.

“Madison County is extremely grateful to be receiving an award of $450,000 through congressional appropriations. This funding will significantly enhance public safety within our school system and offer added support for our first responders while operating in the schools,” said Jonathon Weakley, County Administrator & Clerk of the Board, Madison County Board of Supervisors. “Public safety continues to be one of our biggest priorities and this award enhances our ability to provide for the safety of our school aged children and first responders alike. We would like to thank U.S Representative Spanberger for her dedication to the enhancement of public safety for Madison County.”


Spanberger secured $920,000 to make much-needed improvements to the Town of Occoquan’s aging stormwater management system. This investment would allow Occoquan to upgrade its antiquated stormwater management facilities to prevent persistent flooding in the town and subsequent runoff into the Occoquan River. The funding would enable Occoquan to address the deterioration of its current system by completing a CCTV sewer inspection, cleaning out the system, performing joint repairs, and lining the stormwater pipes.

“This is very significant for the town of Occoquan. We have legacy stormwater systems that in some cases stretch as far back as a Civil Works Administration (CWA) project from the 1930s. For more than fifty years — since the early 1970s at least — these systems have been subjected to great stress, primarily from stormwater originating outside of town, which has in turn contributed to recurring inland flooding of the downtown area. While steps have been taken to address some of those point sources, repairing the cumulative damage to the town’s main stormwater arteries has long been far beyond the town’s means,” said Mayor Earnie Porta, JD, PhD, Town of Occoquan. “Thanks to the efforts of Congresswoman Spanberger, Occoquan will now not only be able to address that multi-generational infrastructure damage and minimize the risk of continued flooding but will also be capable of maintaining the system into the future. We simply could not have addressed this without her interest, support, and advocacy on our behalf.”


Spanberger secured $2,500,000 for Prince William County to help construct an interchange and additional improvements at the intersection of Minnieville Road and Prince William Parkway. This investment would help construct a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) at the intersection of Minnieville Road and Prince William Parkway to relieve congestion at the intersection with heavy through traffic and turn movements. Additionally, these federal funds would provide for the construction of sidewalk and trail segments to improve safety, increase access for pedestrians and bicyclists, reduce the number of traffic accidents at the intersection, and support economic development plans in the region.

“Alleviating congestion and improving safety are among our top transportation goals within Prince William County. That’s why we are deeply appreciative of the work that Congresswoman Spanberger has done to secure $2.5 million to improve the interchange at Minnieville Road and Prince William Parkway,” said Deshundra Jefferson, Chair At-Large, Prince William Board of County Supervisors. “This is a vital project, and a wonderful example of how local and federal leaders are working together to improve our residents’ quality of life.”


Spanberger secured $4,116,279 for Spotsylvania County to provide safety and capacity improvements to the I-95/Route 1 Exit 126 interchange area. This investment would help construct a dual left turn from Route 1 northbound to I-95 northbound, widen the I-95 northbound onramp to two lanes, build an approximately 1,500-foot acceleration lane continuing for the onramp, and make additional improvements to Route 1 southbound through the Exit 126 interchange. Additionally, these investments would improve access from I-95 to the future Fredericksburg Veterans Affairs’ Health Care Clinic, which will provide much-needed care to Virginia Veterans.

The Congresswoman also secured $500,000 to design and construct a new 1-million-gallon water tower to replace the existing 250,000-gallon tank. As the Massaponax and Thornburg areas of Spotsylvania County and the surrounding areas continue to experience consistent population growth, this project would increase capacity, help serve growing residential and commercial demands, and provide more fire flow duration. Spanberger secured $3,000,000 for the new water tower during FY2023 appropriations — which President Biden signed into law at the end of 2022.

“We are grateful to Rep. Abigail Spanberger and her staff for helping secure federal community project funding for infrastructure projects that will serve our region for many years to come,” said Ed Petrovitch, Spotsylvania County Administrator. “The $4.1 million awarded for the I-95 Exit 126 project will assist in transforming transportation infrastructure in the Fredericksburg region near the new Veterans Affairs health care clinic by improving safety and capacity in the congested interchange area. In addition, the $500,000 in federal funding advances the Massaponax elevated water storage tank project. Once complete, the elevated storage tank will provide 1 million gallons of potable water storage, giving us the ability to meet growing demand and deliver the best quality drinking water that meets all state and federal standards, as well as provide for improved fire protection for the Massaponax and Thornburg areas.”


Spanberger secured $1,000,000 to widen and realign approximately 0.45 miles of Onville Road to provide 12-foot travel lanes with curbs and gutters, a two-way left turn lane down the center of the roadway, dedicated turn lanes at the Barrett Heights Road and Garrison Woods Drive intersections, and 5-foot sidewalks along both sides of the roadway. The investment would help fund this project to relieve congestion, ease travel into U.S. Marine Corps Base Quantico, and provide a safer environment for pedestrians.

Spanberger also secured $500,000 for Stafford County to complete improvements along U.S. Route 1 near Courthouse Road. This investment would widen approximately 0.65 miles of U.S. Route 1 to provide dedicated left turn lanes onto Courthouse Road, Bells Hill Road, and Hope Road, install a concrete median, and add 8-foot sidewalks to improve pedestrian access.

Additionally, Spanberger secured $246,000 to purchase a computerized emergency dispatch system for the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. This investment in new technology would enable dispatchers to input emergency dispatching protocols in the form of question and response prompts. The new dispatch system would help eliminate human error and provide local law enforcement with the information necessary to keep the community and themselves safe.

“Transportation and public safety are among our biggest priorities,” said Meg Bohmke, Chairman, Stafford Board of Supervisors. “This $1.5 million award will help us with two of our critical transportation projects and the other award would assist our Sheriff’s Office. We are grateful to Congresswoman Spanberger for her crucial role in helping us receive these awards.”


For FY2024, the U.S. House of Representatives allowed for specific Community Project Funding requests — as it did in FY2023. Spanberger worked directly with community leaders in localities across Virginia’s Seventh District to gather community-focused requests for her submissions. Click here for the full list of her submissions.

The Community Project Funding process was created to ensure that Members of Congress — in concert with the communities they represent — may submit direct applications for federal funding to support locally planned projects as part of the yearly appropriations process.

To be eligible, projects must be sponsored by local or state government entities or non-profit organizations and must be projects that would otherwise meet the qualifications to apply for federal grant funding. The purpose of Community Project Funding is to ensure direct, local engagement as part of the federal appropriations process. In line with this goal, funding applications needed to demonstrate significant local support for the projects.


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