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CBS19: Spanberger's office responding to hundreds of constituent cases

Henrico, Virginia , August 24, 2020

A local congresswoman’s office says it has helped get more than $3 million back to people who live in the Seventh Congressional District of Virginia.

According to a release, Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger’s office has closed 1,384 constituent cases since she took office in 2019.

The constituent cases can pertain to any federal program or agency, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and more.

“My first responsibility is to serve the people of Virginia’s Seventh District, whether we agree on every issue or not. That duty always comes first. I’m proud that my office has built a strong constituent services operation that can efficiently and effectively advocate for all Central Virginians who are experiencing issues with federal agencies,” said Spanberger. “Each dollar we have returned to the pockets of our neighbors in Central Virginia represents a burden lessened, a wrong righted, or an anxiety lifted. We have successfully secured backlogged benefits and cut through red tape for hundreds of constituents, from every county in our district. Many of our neighbors depend on federal agencies and programs to access affordable health care and pay their monthly bills. I’m honored to advocate on their behalf when those critical benefits go awry."

The release says the officer has continued to work on these kinds of cases and assisting with other needs stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, such as unemployment, stimulus checks, IRS refunds, and helping people who became stranded abroad.

People who live in the Seventh District who would like assistance can file a casework form here.

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