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Increasing Access to Affordable Healthcare Coverage
Central Virginians need greater access to quality, affordable health insurance, and Rep. Spanberger is fighting to expand healthcare coverage for all Americans. She believes in stabilizing the Affordable Care Act and preserving its protections for those with pre-existing conditions, including 43,000 children and teenagers in the 7th District. Rep. Spanberger is also working to reduce premiums in the insurance marketplace and to lower out-of-pocket costs. She supports universal coverage through the adoption of a public option and, in Congress, she advocates for bipartisan healthcare solutions that achieve real progress, respond to the unique challenges of the district’s rural communities, support the Commonwealth’s efforts to expand Medicaid coverage, and preserve funding for critical programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Plan.

Reducing Prescription Drug Prices
As Rep. Spanberger meets with families, patients, providers, and community healthcare organizations across Virginia’s 7th District, she consistently hears about the financial struggles her elderly and disabled neighbors face as their prescription drug costs continue to rise. Rep. Spanberger supports allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, so that more senior citizens in the Commonwealth don’t have to choose between putting food on the table or affording their life-saving medication.

Addressing the Opioid Abuse & Addiction Epidemic
The opioid abuse and addiction crisis is nothing short of a national public health emergency, and Rep. Spanberger is fighting to address this crisis both in the 7th District and across the country. Since 2013, drug overdose deaths have been the leading cause of unnatural death in the Commonwealth. To combat this crisis, Rep. Spanberger supports a national response that reaches everyone affected, stops treating drug addiction like a crime, and boosts education to prevent addiction in future generations. She believes that this epidemic requires a prevention and treatment response that works directly with community leaders, law enforcement officials, and healthcare professionals to build an actionable strategy that supports community healthcare organizations currently providing mental health, recovery, and wraparound services to those impacted.

Protecting Women’s Healthcare Access
Rep. Spanberger believes that protecting women’s access to reproductive healthcare is a social and economic necessity. She supports maintaining federal funding to Planned Parenthood and other providers that provide essential healthcare screenings and preventive services to both women and men. Additionally, she is actively seeking innovative, bipartisan legislative solutions to help combat rising rates of maternal mortality in the United States.