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Success Stories

653 constituent cases solved since January 3

$672,625.95 dollars returned to constituents since January 3

My son is autistic and was receiving Social Security benefits until his payments were arbitrarily stopped. The Social Security Administration also demanded repayment of 18 months' payments. Ms. Spanberger launched an investigation which resulted in his benefits retroactively being reinstated. 
Brad Mena

I would like to commend the staff of Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. After a frustrating 14 months waiting for federal retirement benefits to be awarded through the Office of Personnel Management, Kristi Black and Shawn Meredith, through their diligence, were able to secure these benefits in eight days. I am impressed with their commitment to my case and their persistence in resolving this matter for me. 
Cindy Bradley

When I went to file my taxes, I discovered that I had never received a 1099 2 form for my deceased husband for 2018. My husband MSGT (Ret.) William Donald Tomlinson Jr. had died July 19, 2018. I contacted DFAS on March 11, 2019. After being on hold for an hour and 13 minutes and telling my issue, I was told to telephone back in 7-10 days. I proceeded to phone a total of 10 times. Each time, I spoke to a different person, sometimes as many as 4 people, but never the same person. I wrote down names each time. During this time, I was told his final pay for July 2018 had not been processed, so I could not receive a 1099 2. That department would not receive phone calls. I was not alone in waiting. I had consulted my tax consultant, and - for the first time in 50 years - filed an extension. 

Finally, a friend told me I should contact my Representative, as that is why they hold the position. So I reached out to Rep. Spanberger by filling out the appropriate form on her web page. To my pleasant surprise, two days later I received a phone call from Shawn Meredith, District Coordinator. Shawn told me he would take care of the issue. True to his promise, he contacted me to say he had spoken to DFAS and given them 2 weeks to act on me receiving my husband's final check. I received the check in 10 days and the 1099 all within 3 weeks, after I had tried for 3 months.

Shawn was always available on the phone. Shawn is amazing! I cannot thank him enough for helping me in this stressful, difficult time. He is professional and compassionate. I hope Rep. Spanberger appreciates Shawn and knows how much he is helping her constituents. Thank you, thank you Shawn. 
Judith Tomlinson

I contacted Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger's office for assistance in resolving an issue with the Social Security Administration (SSA): When I retired on disability from the Cadmus Group in 2018, SSA incorrectly deducted too much for Medicare from my Social Security benefits and I had to file several requests for reconsideration appeals to SSA to correct/increase/reimburse my 2018 Social Security benefits and SSA was not prompt or helpful in its response. The Congresswoman's office, and specifically her District Manager Shawn Meredith, were very helpful in giving me advice on what to do in dealing with SSA, contacting SSA for information, and following up with me to track the status of my case with SSA. 

After 8 months of trying to resolve the issues involved, mostly on my own, Mr. Meredith contacted SSA himself, as my request, to determine the final status of my case for me when I could not get through to SSA staff on the phone and then relayed their decision to me. He was always very professional and helpful and was able to reach SSA staff when I could not. I was very grateful he intervened in the process for me. 
Gloria Brienza

Ms. Heidelmark and Congresswoman Spanberger - I want to express my sincere gratitude for the time and attention that was provided assisting me. I realize how busy you must be and know that it took a lot of time to process my requests. You demonstrated such a high level of support and professionalism by constantly communicating the status of my requests. Your patience and time was much appreciated and it is through your help that I have official copies of my military records and that my requests have been processed. I am grateful for all you did with assisting me. Thank you. 
Janice Blair

Since I will turn 65 in December, I went to Social Security's website and signed up for Medicare. When I received my card I noticed I had signed for Part A and Part B by mistake. I sent a letter to Medicare to refuse Part B on October 30. In the middle of November, I received a bill for $406.50 for the Part B insurance. As it was due by November 25, and I had not heard back from Medicare, I called my Congresswoman's office on November 20 and asked for help. Shawn Meredith got in touch with Medicare/Social Security, and on November 22 he forwarded their response, saying they had processed my request. I am so grateful for his help!
Mark Fagerburg 

I wanted to sign up for Medicare Part B when my wife lost her job recently. I already had Part A and should have qualified for a special enrollment period. Social Security was denying me because we couldn't get the proof that I was covered by my wife's group insurance from employers that have been out of business for over 10 years, and said I would have to pay an approx. 120% penalty on my monthly premiums when I signed up during general enrollment. After contacting Rep. Spanberger's office, Shawn quickly got to work on our case, and I am happy to say that I was recently approved, even retroactively for when I had originally applied. Thank you, Shawn, Rep. Spanberger, and the entire office. You saved us several thousand dollars in medical bills plus kept my premiums from being more than double. We are glad to know that our Representative's office is working for the people. 
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