Sharing Your FAQs with the IRS: Spanberger Holds Live Meeting with IRS Rep

whenMar 26, 2021 / 12:00 pm

Earned Income Tax Credit U.S. Representative Abigail Spanberger met with Kevin McKeon, Chief of the IRS District Congressional Liaison Branch, to discuss questions and concerns she frequently hears from Central Virginians, 3/26/2021.

(2:22-5:25): Best practices for filing your return
(5:26-6:38): IRS filing deadline extended to May 17
(6:39-13:09): Stimulus checks
(13:11-17:08): Taxing unemployment benefits
(17:10-18:42): Amended tax returns
(18:43-22:53): Backlogged returns, delays
(23:14-24:40): Extended filing deadline
(24:42-28:33): How to get in contact with the IRS
(29:19-31:38): Backlogged 2019 returns
(31:40-34:02): Traditional non-filers
(34:03-35:44): Senior filers, those receiving Social Security or Veterans Benefits
(35:45-37:10): Benefits for traditional non-filers filing a tax return
(37:11-40:08): Child Tax Credit
(40:09-44:55): Incorrect CP59 (tax delinquency) notices
(44:56-47:23): Health Savings Accounts
(47:58-49:42): IRS forms and publications
(49:46-51:33): How to file
(51:34-52:32): How to find tax preparer help sites
(52:35-53:26): Gig workers
(53:29-54:35): Earned Income Tax Credit

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