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Reopening Virginia

My office has received many questions about the Governor's phased reopening plan and what it means for our communities in Virginia's 7th District. As your representative at the federal level of government, I do not have a direct role in making or implementing state policy regarding reopening. However, I wanted to address some of the frequently asked questions in case the information is helpful to you and your family. Click to icon below to read our FAQs guide. 

This pandemic has challenged Central Virginia and the country in unforeseen ways, and it continues to have a wide range of impacts on our communities. About 90,000 Americans have lost their lives to this disease. For their family and friends, nothing will fully return to the way it was. Their "normal" has been forever changed, and our hearts break for their loss. Thousands more Americans are still battling this illness as patients and as health providers. Others are facing severe financial hardship, as lost jobs, closed businesses, and depleted savings take their toll.

As we navigate the phased reopening of our Commonwealth, I will be working hard to make sure that no Central Virginian is left behind. Even when things begin to feel normal again, many families will still be facing serious challenges. My office will continue to fight for you at the federal level and serve you in any way we can.